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Welcome Risers, to RiseUpNKY’s first BLOG!!!! We have come a long way since the dreadful day in August, when our employers conspired together, and changed our life and healthcare system. With each day the tensions, stress, and hostile work environments grew. As our Board members, management, and coworkers began to guilt, bully, and threaten we remained strong.

Our quaint group of healthcare workers fighting the mandate grew. We had community members reaching out and sharing their support and kind words with us. By word of mouth our Risers have grown into a diverse, supporting, and encouraging group. We have members from all over the country. We have come together with the common goal of fighting for medical freedom. This battle hasn’t been easy, but we’ve remained united and continue to move forward together. We will not stop until we win, please continue rising up with us, and we will fix this injustice together.