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Hey Risers, how y’all doing?  I want to share with you a personal turning point in the vax battle, for me.  RiseUpNKY, was fortunate enough to have a table set up at Freedom Fest 2021.  Our goals were to meet more of the community, educate them on what’s really happening, and collect signatures/donations.  After a modest start for our unknown booth, walked this young man in a police officer’s costume.  I can still see him walking tall and confident up to our table and ask what we were there for.  Desiree and I began to explain who we were, what we were fighting for, and why it was important.  He took in every word we said.  He thought about it for a minute and asked if he could sign our petition to be a part of our fight.  After signing he stood there, deep in thought, with a hand in his pocket.  Next thing we knew he pulled out a nickel.  We thanked him for his generous gesture but told him to hold onto his money.  Without hesitation he dropped it in our donation box, thanked us, and walked off into the crowd.  That interaction with Bryson lit the fire in me, and gave me the strength to keep fighting.  If Bryson was brave enough to walk up to us, then I had a responsibility, and needed to do right by Bryson.  I owed Bryson to give this fight my all, so Bryson could grow up with the same rights and freedoms I have.  I will never forget that encounter, whenever this fight gets to me, I pull up a picture of his signature and remember how brave Bryson is.