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How the leaders of RiseUpNKY met!

Everyone always asks if we were friends prior to RiseUpNKY. It’s funny how things work out. So, the mandate for all the hospitals locally here in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati dropped the bombshell on all of us on August 5, 2021. Someone had originally started the RiseUp page that had 33k followers! About a week after the mandate rocked our world, someone had posted about meetings on Thursday nights at the Kenton County Library. I didn’t make the first meeting, so I asked on one of the posts when the next one would be or if there would be another.  Deela messaged me on Facebook letting me know there would be one the next Thursday. We got to talking on messenger and agreed to meet up at the next meeting. We had never met one another even though we both worked for St. Elizabeth, we had different jobs at different locations.  We both showed up to the We the People Kentucky meeting and sat right next to each other before we realized who each other were. We got to talking after the meeting and agreed to meet up to help others on exemptions and to setup an email chain to keep other St. Elizabeth employees up to date on things.

Fast forward to the first meeting Deela and I planned for the exemptions, that’s where we met Mirna for the first time. I’m pretty sure she was at the first meeting we attended but we didn’t speak then. We all sat and talked, getting to know one another by telling our stories. Deela had Mirna’s contact information and happened to text both Mirna and I in a group text one day after the meeting. After that we texted each other nonstop, morning, day, and night. We planned a lot of meetings together, we planned the first fellowship, and the rest is history! We all three have became close friends from the beginning. It’s crazy how something so negative could turn into some very strong friendships. We all three come from completely different backgrounds, job duties, but we all meshed together so well and we balance each other out. This is how RiseUpNKY became something so great! Our group doesn’t just stop with us three, we have an army forming behind us to push this movement!